In 2011 we saw a lot from ArtyA, and we have written several articles on them here at WatchAllure best fake watches . The Son of a Gun collection was also launched last year and now a new model has been added to the collection. But let us start the story from the beginning.

This timepiece is one of a kind in the world. According to the founder of ArtyA, Yvan Arpa, most watch collectors also have other passions. And the passion of the man who ordered this watch are guns and weapons. So Yvan took the challenge. ArtyA is already known for their artistic approach to watch making, and the models are sometimes really shocking and weird. So it was actually nothing strange to see ArtyA put six real Flobert bullets into a watch. It might have been a bit disturbing for some people I suppose.

Yvan was dedicated to please the customer cheap breitling replica , so he left nothing to chance. The center of the dial is in the shape of a shooting target, the area carrying the bullets and the hands are decorated by copper wire, resembling dynamite wire, and if you turn the watch on its back, you won’t see the mechanism, as we are used to, but another three bullets on the rotor that spin pleasantly. 1 The movement is self winding and completely manufactured in Switzerland, housed in the 47 mm in diameter dial and obtaining a power reserve of 42 hours and water resistance of 50 m.

The slogan ArtyA uses to promote this collection is also quite bald: Bite the Bullet – Guns don’t kill people, but time always does.

The new model is called the?Werewolf and it also features the three bullets at the back case.The dial features two silver bullets that perhaps look like two big werewolf teeth. The bezel has the design of a shooting target this time.

Of course that these watches are not for everyone. But they are limited edition anyway. low price replica watches If you want to shock your friends and show you are different, you might want to check out ArtyA, because they most certainly have a watch that you can express your different views with.

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